The view in my backyard

About Me


I started this blog to share my thoughts and very slow process of changing my backyard into my idea of heaven. I am so blessed to live in the South and have a nice big back yard. We live in a small town about fifteen minutes from the Beach. People come here from around the world. This small town is growing so fast, and I am working on creating my little quiet place away from the hustle and bustle. Something about growing things brings me peace of mind, and in my family’s hectic life, it’s a much needed time to get my hands dirty and reflect on what’s important in life. My children are always near me or helping me do things in my yard, from tending the chickens, to picking vegetables, or running in and out the door. My family is what keeps me going every day.
I enjoy gardening, of course, music of all genres; I love watching my kids play sports; I love seeing what my artistic daughter creates; and all the ways my youngest entertains us all and keeps us busy; and my wife for keeping it all flowing, and coming up with the extra energy to make every day happen in so many ways