Gardening in Southern Alabama

So where to start? Gardening in southern Alabama is a little different than anywhere else in the world , I think . There’s a saying around here, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes”. It’s based on the fact that you can go out first thing in the morning needing a jacket, by noon , you’re sweating like a hog. Come evening, you better find an umbrella. Yes, complaining about the weather around here is a full time job.


If gardening wasn’t enough to keep me busy, now I’m tackling this blog thing. It’s allot to learn to even get to the point where you CAN post your thoughts or info in a readable form that makes sense. I definitely have not made it that far ! Bear with me while I juggle work, kids, keeping my yard looking decent, and keeping my page up with daily “doings” in my backyard garden.

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