This is my online gardening journal. When I have something going on out in the yard ,  I’ll post pics and videos of things I am working on, what works , what didn’t really work, disasters, and REVELATIONS!   With all of other life’s things going on, I like to  make sure I have a little time in the yard everyday. It’s the time when I can block everything else out and feel like I accomplished something and know that with a little time and effort, I will possibly create something beautiful to sit back and enjoy and possibly share with others !

It will be more pictures than anything else because I am developing my non existent writing ability and you know what they say ..”a picture is worth a thousand words”  .. especially when it comes to Plants!

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    1. ErickDStyron

      Coleus in retail is kind of hit and miss. I will see these varieties some years then not see them again for a while.

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